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“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucius

Businesses have different requirements as they develop and grow and some of these cannot be supported internally for many reasons. With over 25 years of business start-up and re-engineering experience (including UK market entry) Quivr provides a range of services to help businesses launch and scale up.

We are different from many consultancies in that we not only know the business theory, but we have also implemented it. We have worked in agencies, supplier companies and SMEs, from B2B to B2C and see business from multiple perspectives.

Our specialism and passion is helping businesses realise their potential. We can execute a one-off project or develop a full strategic review with recommendations – what do you need a different perspective on?

It is obviously very important to have good branding, a competitive offering and an outstanding service but if you don’t consistently put your business name out there then your business may not be sustainable long-term.

There is often an attribution discussion about which particular piece of marketing actually delivered the sale or the customer. In reality, every piece of marketing has a part to play in building brand awareness, familiarity, trust and ultimately turning an enquirer into a customer. Develop a marketing mix that works for you, try new things and evaluate everything…

Sales should not be an isolated strategy

If you want to grow your business or even maintain its current position then at least once a year you should evaluate all your activity together, to see what is and isn’t working, and consider what can be improved or rejected.

Automated processes to track both sales and marketing results will enable you to see the bigger picture and evolve your strategy on an ongoing basis. This makes it easier to compare performance year on year too.

From one-off projects to an annual strategic plan or a five year forecast, we work with both small and large businesses as an extension of their team.

“There are no quick wins in business. It takes years to beome an overnight success.” Sir Richard Branson


Virgin Mentor Michelle Heywood Start Up Marketing Strategy

Quivr’s founder, Michelle Heywood, was selected as one of the first Virgin mentors in January 2014 and is currently working with an innovative sports clothing company.

A monthly meeting with someone outside your business will bring you an impartial and fresh perspective.

  • Business Strategy Review and Development 80% 80%
  • Start-Up Planning and Implementation 80% 80%
  • Competitive Analysis 45% 45%
  • Strategic Marketing Planning 75% 75%
  • Marketing and Advertising Implementation 65% 65%
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Our ‘SOAR’ Model

S= Seed

Analysis of the status quo (project, department or whole organisation) including internal and external factors

O=Owl to Ostrich

Objective discussion: performance vs objectives and identification of improvement areas


The strategic planning and implementation stage


Ongoing monitoring, control and prioritised development

Flexible, pragmatic approach

As every organisation is different, our approach is to listen, understand and agree short, medium or long-term plans or actions which are right for the businesses we work with.

Call us for an exploratory meeting to see how we can be of assistance.


What kind of clients do you work with?

We have worked with big and small companies and brands, B2B and B2C, across diverse projects and programmes….

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“Having worked with Michelle for over a year, I really enjoyed her motivation and enthusiasm. With her, nothing is a problem, there is always a solution. She is a brilliant negotiator. She makes sure she gets what she wants whilst integrating her clients’ needs”.

Isabelle Sauret-Taylor

Affiliate and Partnership Manager, The Trainline

“Michelle impressed with her deep understanding of online marketing and account management.

She understood our marketing objectives quickly and acted upon them quicker.

She is quick, thorough and reliable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others”.

Rollo de Sausmarez

Head of Marketing - Product Innovation & Insight, Healthspan

“I want to give an unreserved endorsement of Michelle Heywood as a business consultant and start-up mentor.

When vision2video (now AltaVista) was about 6 months into its trading life I approached Michelle to help me finalize the setting up of the business. Michelle came on board, became part of the team and created a tailor made, structured business strategy for vision2video coupled with a practical, flexible day-to-day action plan, which we are using to this day.

Just as importantly, Michelle showed us that she cares about the business and its success; she has continued to stay in touch in a mentoring capacity keeping track of our activity and results, always helping us tweak our direction and our vision as we develop.

Without a doubt a direct result of Michelle’s input as a business consultant and startup mentor has been that AltaVista has to this day consistently secured more business than we ever had before.

Thanks to Michelle we have not only discovered new channels to obtain business but more importantly with the structures she helped us develop we are confident that as we grow we will be able to stay in control. Because of that we highly recommend Michelle Heywood to any young or old business that wants to firmly establish itself and grow”.

Paulo Coll

Managing Director, AltaVista

“Michelle is a joy to work with. An excellent communicator and the ability to get the job done both efficiently and effectively. Highly recommended”.

Julian Wallis

Head of Sales - UK and Ireland, Ingenico Payments

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